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DIN-DON kindergarten

Playful design

Kindergarten website with news and other information for parents.

Ana & Kiki traffic

Modern dark look

Dark modern looking website for car sales and detailing.

Kaj su jeli naši stari

Featured recipes

Three-day culinary event with online recipes for visitors not able to attend the live event.

Vrbovečka Pera

Recipe revived from antiquity

A typical dish of local people from the Vrbovec area. Find out how to prepare it.

Restaurant Dioniz

Restaurant showcase website

Find an offer of elegant menus for weddings and other festive occasions.

KMG advisory

Import, translate, filter

We've developed a website for a client with automatic import of jobs, automatic translations of them and a complex filtering system.

Turistička zajednica Vrbovec

Calendar of events

Vrbovec Tourist Board events calendar for a small likable city.

KONKAB services

Business consulting

Bookkeeping and accounting service tailored to your needs.

City of Vrbovec

Official city website

Developing a brand new website for the city of Vrbovec, while importing over a thousand news from the other platform and implementing a few custom forms for citizens applications.

Vrbovec na stolu

Local online marketplace

During covid the city provided residents with an online marketplace with fresh local produce.

Principe rent a car

Rent a supercar

Have you always wanted to try how supercars behave on the road? Rent it and find out.

Pametnija glava, zelenija trava

The future is green

Program of educational and informative activities on sustainable waste management.

Yacht Club Zagreb

PDFs generated online

New web with a dose of severity and a bigger accent on attracting young ones to relaxing sports. Signing up, visitors will get generated pdf with all their info for submission.


Nuclear powerplant probes

We've used client's great photos and developed a simple and elegant website around them.


Load time under 1 second

Extremely fast loading website with simple and elegant animations for photography showcase. Header navigation is animated and developed in segments which make it look simple and beautiful.

Radio Vrbovec

12% decrease in bounce rate

Redesigning a local radio web, we've increased monthly total pageviews by 18% and decreased bounce rate by 12%.

Jaking Consulting

Clean design

An elegant website for a consulting and occupational safety company.

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